Updates on game-related stuff

2015-12-22 14:16:55 by MarkimooStudios

Ok. I have been working on a game for the last several months. It is a great game but there is 1 problem: it isn't made with flash/html5. So, anyone on Newgrounds, can't play it. :\ Well what is it made with you may ask. RPG Maker VX Ace. That is what it is made with. And Newgrounds doesn't support that format of games. So... I will link the game here soon but for now, you guys will have to wait. This upsets me but whatever. Also, I asked for a drawing tablet for christmas and my mother said sure so I will start drawing cartoons soon! But that will have to be talked about in another post.

Merry Christmas!



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2015-12-22 14:19:51

UPDATE: If you see on my page, I have linked gamejolt. Click it then look up "Five Nights at F**kboys 4." (its a filler)